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SEO Podcast | Search Engine Optimization Podcast

Mar 26, 2020

In this episode we explored the numerous reasons why your Google rankings dropped and what you can do to amend a dramatic drop in your search engine rankings. 

Both on-site and off-site factors are at play in a Google algorithm rankings drop. If you haven't touched your site (or no one has touched your site with nefarious intent) then your site may have been the recipient of a recent Google update or even a manual Google action penalty. 

The first thing you can do, is check Google Search Console and then head over to SEMRush to see if Google is updating it's algorithm. We advise to check those first to see if things are shaking up. Otherwise, you may require a more in depth SEO audit, or content audit to determine the root cause of your rankings drop. 

What did you like from this episode? What could we change? What would you like to learn next? 

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